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How to effectively manage remote, distributed teams
Posted on 12/19/2014 Diana

Better technology and connectivity has given rise to many trends and it can now change the way companies – and their employees – work. Working remotely has become an increasingly accepted solution, and can be quite a successful strategy. How can you make sure it is beneficial to your employees and your company?

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Tech news from the past seven days (Vol. 5)
Posted on 12/15/2014 Diana

What happened in tech the week of December 8th? Although computers are getting smarter, there’s an ever-increasing needs for people who can understand them, but also for strategies and procedures to govern the new uncharted waters of data and data security. Big companies seem to have an advantage in the data-driven world already, because they’re algorhithms are more accurate and effective. But the need for people who understand how to work with data is still a vital component, especially when the smallest mistakes in CRM data can cause very expensive productivity drains. And the future of data privacy and ownership remains uncertain again, as is shown by Pirate’s Bay quick rebound back from the dead…

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What’s hot in tech: 9 terms to know (and use) in your business
Posted on 12/11/2014 Diana

A list of tech terms – and concepts – not to miss, from SMAC to SDE, to 3D printing. They require our attention as they will transform our future and leave the companies who cannot adapt in the dust.

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Tech news from the past seven days
Posted on 12/08/2014 Diana

Enterprises everywhere are facing a challenge of how to analyze the data their software systems collect. Fiber-optic companies have a whole other problem: how to hold their own against the up-and-coming Google Fiber. Startups in general could be leading major shakeups in the Internet of Things. And a recent open-sourcing gift by Stephen Hawking could accelerate progress in existing software for persons who live with physical disabilities. Experts weigh in on the security of cloud-stored data and some little-discussed legal reasons for why you might want to keep your data out of the cloud. And a new survey finds overwhelming approval of Linux as a safe and trustworthy platform for accessing the cloud.

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The week in review: Tech news from the past 7 days
Posted on 12/03/2014 Diana

Times are tough for PC manufacturers: Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all vying for a shrinking customer base. Server manufacturer HP is struggling against Asian rivals for dominance of the data center market. Job requirements are also shifting, as the Internet of Things trend drives big changes to the types of skills and tools candidates must possess, such as working with NoSQL databases. Data security is also at top of mind: collecting big data is spurring calls for protection of consumer privacy, while NSA offers developers new open source tools. And soon, companies like Pizza Hut will be able to figure out what you’re thinking, though for now only to order the pizza you want.

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