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Tips for Implementing Agile
Posted on 15.04.2014 No Responses

The idea of implementing agile is appealing to many organizations. When done correctly it can make projects simpler, and allow customers to get their software faster. Here are some tips to keep in mind when implementing agile methodologies as part of your project management strategy.

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Cloud Sourcing: How to leverage the benefits of cloud technologies
Posted on 11.04.2014 No Responses

As cloud becomes a necessity, companies turn to sourcing to gain considerable advantages. A couple years ago, mobile was the biggest buzzword in the tech community. Companies have finally realized the benefits of mobile, and many have already completed their transition to mobile. Now, cloud is the next big thing on their implementation roster. How do companies attain and leverage the benefits that cloud brings?

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Outsourcing for startups: worth or not?
Posted on 09.04.2014 2 Responses

A common scenario: you have an idea of on your mind – some innovative software that looks a very promising startup, but are you stuck and don’t know how to make your dream come true…

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Strategic, Core and Non-Core Activities: What to outsource for best results?
Posted on 02.04.2014 No Responses

Companies often hear that by outsourcing their non-core activities, they can improve the performance of their core activities. Retain what is core and outsource what is non-core. Pretty simple, right? While this explanation is generally true, it is a broad statement that doesn’t explain how a company should decide what is and is not a core activity. Yet creating this distinction is crucial to using outsourcing as an effective strategy. How can organizations determine which activities are best suited for outsourcing?

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What NOT to do to energize your business
Posted on 27.03.2014 No Responses

You’ve heard the latest business tips that constantly tell you what to do: what strategies improve business, best ways to increase productivity, proven ways to engage your employees. Are there tasks that you can afford not to do…and actually improve your business?

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