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August 5th. 2014

Belarus home of the best programmer in the world

Belarus is home country to the winner of one of the biggest, international programming competitions. The Belarusian programmer won among 3890 contenders from 72 countries in the Yandex.Algorithm challenge, hosted by Codeforces. Winners are chosen based on personal score and compete for their countries and institutions, with only 25 of the best programmers reaching the final stage of the competition. This is the first time Belarus came out on top against traditional programming giants such as Russia and China.

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July 25th. 2014

Intetics President speaks about geopolitical crises impacts on IT outsourcing, discusses Ukraine

On Thursday, July 17, 2014, Intetics President and Founder Boris Kontsevoi spoke about global impacts of geopolitical crises on global business at DePaul University during the IAOP Chicago Chapter meeting. The presentation compared the current situation in Ukraine to other geopolitical events worldwide and discussed its potential impacts, risks and opportunities

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July 22nd. 2014

New taxi tip prediction map can change the way we take cabs

Intetics unveils a new taxi tipping map at ESRI Conference 2014 that visualizes passenger tipping behavior. This map can revolutionize taxi service and change the way data scientists and GIS analysts cooperate.

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June 26th. 2014

Intetics president opens up about new ways to acquire technology resources

Intetics President and Founder Boris Kontsevoi is the focus of Intetics’ new corporate video. The new video explains the main benefits of acquiring external resources for technology innovation and software application development. Click the link to watch the video.

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June 5th. 2014

Intetics Among Best Outsourcing Companies in the World for 8 Consecutive Years

Intetics is pleased to announce its eighth consecutive inclusion in The Global Outsourcing 100 list compiled annually by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The list includes the best companies in the industry and serves as a helpful guide in choosing an outsourcing partner.

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Intetics is one of the best outsourcing companies I know. They know what they are doing, are highly professional, listen to their customers, stand behind their work and are not too expensive. The quality of work is consistently high and development processes are well established. I highly recommend them.