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Companies in a variety of industries are discovering that GIS is a powerful and unique platform to integrate all types of intelligence into applications to solve important business challenges. The complexity of collecting, processing, and analyzing GIS data makes outsourcing difficult, especially when infrastructure management is involved. Working with just any offshore development team lacking experience in GeoData, GeoProcess, or GeoBusiness solutions for mission-critical business operations can be risky.

Intetics can reduce your risk and deliver better results when it comes to complex GIS work because our Remote In-Sourcing® approach gives you access quickly, seamlessly, and economically to Intetics’ highly skilled, cost-effective Eastern European engineering talent knowledgeable in GIS applications. Ramp them up rapidly and effectively to attack even the most demanding GIS implementations from data collection and processing to complete GIS application development and GIS/CAD processing.

Our teams can execute any highly complex GIS task, including CAD drafting, on a project or ongoing basis in part or completely integrated. We offer well trained industry certified teams, including ISO 9000 and ISO 27001, to address tasks in three primary GIS areas:

Geospatial Services, GIS Development, GeoData Processing, Spatial Analysis

  • GeoData Solutions – Since data is at the heart of GIS, we focus on being precise in collecting the data and designing its use within GIS applications. Professional cartographers, geodesy specialists, and geologists understand field data collection and are strong at supplementing it with post processing of collected data. Our teams are expert at designing, building, and managing databases for modeling of large data sets in one integrated GIS-centric workspace.

  • GeoResearch Solutions – Our GeoResearch teams are skilled in spatial analysis, geodatabase work, and creating an entire GIS solution of any complexity to improve workflow and optimize business performance. We begin with the business case and organizational requirements and apply these GeoProcess services to execute all aspects of the project — assessment, project scope creation, feasibility studies, project planning and project management, and actual implementation.

  • GeoBusiness Solutions – Our GeoBusiness teams use the spatial power of GIS to find the right location for your retail network, optimize logistics of your fleet, discover opportunities for better routing, and many others to increase your company profitability and cost effectiveness.

Whether for applications in agriculture, architecture, construction, energy, logistics, mining, urban planning, or utilities, put the power of Remote In-Sourcing® to work for you on your next GIS project.


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In May 2009 Intetics launched an Offshore Production Center with more than 100 geo specialists working for NAVTEQ. Since then more than 250 projects of diverse complexity have been successfully completed and delivered to customer. Intetics provides a high level of flexibility in resource allocation and planning while being effective in meeting requirements to quality and performance metrics