GeoBusiness Solutions


Gain greater confidence in decision making by integrating business information with geographic and location-based data to gather critical insights about your business and its needs.

Incorporating GIS into your decision-making allows you to enhance numerous business processes, like selecting optimal base operations, identifying the right customers for your marketing campaigns or maximizing efficiencies in transportation and service routing. Thematic maps and reports make it easy to understand the geographic and spatial situation of your business.

Optimizing Routing and Logistics

By integrating GIS mapping and spatial analysis, decision makers are more capable of analyzing routing patterns, predicting delivery times or tracking assets in motion. Among other benefits, GIS helps calculate arrival times, optimize site selection and improve scheduling.

Optimizing Site Selection

GIS optimizes your ability to find the right site for your next store, distribution center, or service department. With GIS, you can blend customer surveys with census data to visualize and predict market penetration, market share, and trade areas. When markets change, GIS can help you plan expansion or strategize for asset reduction or disposal.

Trend Analysis or Predictive Analysis

GIS market analysis tools can help you determine which products and promotions match the lifestyles and buying patterns of your customers. Create a multidimensional snapshot of trends to create trade areas, predict sales, design sales territories, plan media, and much more.


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