Optimizing Site Selection


GIS optimizes your ability to find the right site for your next store, distribution center, or service department. With GIS, you can blend customer surveys with census data to visualize and predict market penetration, market share, and trade areas. When markets change, GIS can help you plan expansion or strategize for asset reduction or disposal.


  • Understand demographics and consumer lifestyles in a selected area
  • See consumer demand
  • Account for traffic flow
  • Analyze influence of traffic generators (shopping centers, hospitals, airports, stadiums) on your business
  • Research competition and the complementary businesses available in the neighborhood
  • Compare existing locations to county, census tract, and national levels to check performance
  • Help the company distribute products in relation to customer location
  • Determine customer location (country, city, street) or involvement (user level)


  • Higher profit from retail networks established in right places
  • Higher real estate customer satisfaction from getting a house in a place corresponding to all requirements
  • Decreased operational expenses from establishing a production facility in accord with required resources and potential customers
  • Customized Level of Service

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