Trend Analysis or Predictive Analysis


GIS market analysis tools can help you determine which products and promotions match the lifestyles and buying patterns of your customers. Create a multidimensional snapshot of trends to create trade areas, predict sales, design sales territories, plan media, and much more.


  • Understand distribution of different customer groups
  • Define areas of growth and decline in regional turnover levels
  • Select target group locations
  • Specify customers served by each of the sales teams
  • Analyze influence of branch offices on sales
  • Minimize lost profit due to competitors’ overlapping sales regions
  • Estimate overall market potential
  • Understand the state of local infrastructures and networks surrounding a facility
  • Define project feasibility in terms of the prospective location, applicable building codes and local/regional competition
  • Analyze location potential from investors perspective
    • Benefits

      • Turnover assessment and analysis
      • Target group localization
      • Sales territory planning
      • Product range structuring at the point of sale
      • Expansion planning
      • Location planning and analysis
      • Branch network optimization
      • Trade Areas Analysis
      • Sales Territory Management
      • Spatially adjusted consumer profiles

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