GeoData Solutions


Intetics offers a full range of processes for geodata. We collect, process and perform quality acceptance on a variety of GIS datasets.

GeoData Solutions: GeoData Collection, GeoData Processing, GeoData Quality Assurance

Our GeoData Collection services deliver the following benefits to our customers:

Field data collection – The most reliable and precise spatial information can only be obtained during direct data collection in the field.

Web and call data collection
At Intetics we have a virtual outbound call center dedicated to call and web verification of POIs.

GeoData processing

Data entry and work with attributes – If your company needs to process huge sets of spatial data we can help you.

Classification, Georeferencing and Remote sensing data digitizing are offered as a part of our Imagery Interpretation proposition.

Vectorization - At Intetics, we propose automatic, semiautomatic and manually converting paper spatial data into vector formats for modern geospatial software.

Our world consists of many datasets, which are often found in unexpected places. We are happy to help your organization gather all these data volumes into one neat and simple project.

GeoData QA

Intetics’ advantage in performing geodata QA is our ability to combine our many years of experience in software testing with our extensive knowledge of geographical principles. We utilize software testing methodologies for spatial data to create GIS products of the highest quality.


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