Data Collection


Our Geodata Collection services deliver the following benefits to our customers:
Field GeoData Collection

Field data collection

The most reliable and precise spatial information can only be obtained during direct data collection in the field. We have professional cartographers, geodesy specialists and geologists with the relevant university degrees and experience to do this. Field data collection is achieved by using tacheometres, GPS devices, handheld computers, visual mapping and other tools.
Your field team – If you need cartographic data for a region in which no other spatial data sources exist, Intetics can send a field team to specific regions to collect all the required data for you. If field work is restricted for foreigners in your country it is possible to use our on-site model.

Web and Call Center GeoData Collection

Web and call data collection

At Intetics we have a virtual outbound call center dedicated to call and web verification of POIs. We also have specialists on staff to web-search POIs. Our data processing specialists, in-office and at remote locations, are literate in over ten languages. Send us an inquiry to find out if we work in your language. Search, collection, verification and quality control of other types of spatial data can also be performed.