Quality Assurance


Intetics’ advantage in performing geodata QA is our ability to combine our many years of experience in software testing with our extensive knowledge of geographical principles. We utilize software testing methodologies for spatial data to create GIS products of the highest quality.

For every project in which quality control of spatial data is necessary, we create a QA/QC plan, establish data acceptance GeoData Solutions:  Quality Assurance criteria and define testing categories and requirements. Quality records may be stored in different formats, beginning in excel files and ultimately appearing as part of a sophisticated Bug Tracking System.

The Intetics quality plan usually consist of four main parts:

  • Organizational part. In this phase we outline the scope out the QA process. Background information about the project is included to ensure a correct understanding of data and processes. The QA team is described here along with the role of each team member and his or her responsibilities.
  • QA test design and process. In this step we outline a whole testing process and describe, define and list required tests. Acceptance criteria is also defined during this step.
  • Quality assessment. A detailed description of each test is provided in this stage, specifying types and methods of quality checks. A description of tools for automated testing is also part of this step.
  • Quality records. At this stage a quality report details the results of every test collected and analyzed.

General scheme of accomplishing data quality checks consists of the following steps:

  • Initial checks: batch checks, using scripts and other automatization tools
  • Topology checks
  • Visual review
  • Quality control report

Quality acceptance is an obligatory procedure for every type of project running in a GIS department, but we also offer to perform QA service on spatial data provided by other organizations.

With Intetics you can count on full cycle of data and spatial systems quality acceptance testing. Intetics will use the most modern quality testing methodologies and will adapt them to your company’s specific needs. When you work with the professionals at Intetics, you can expect a full understanding of GIS and spatial data concepts. Close cooperation with our software department allows us to develop automated testing for geospatial datasets.