GeoDB Design


Design of the database is a key element in the overall success of GIS. To efficiently store GIS data the implementation of a well designed data model is required. Intetics provides comprehensive database design, data modeling and implementation.

Intetics has more than ten years of experience in database planning and development. We’ve added a spatial component todatabase development to provide your firm with a custom designed geographical database.


GeoResearch Solutions: GeoDB Design

Through thoughtful analysis we study all project inputs and requirements to unequivocally determine the feasibility and profitability of the upcoming project. Our industry-leading researchers participate in the planning stage of database development, which assures that no significant factor is missed. Our experts have worked in almost every industry and can validate all decisions on database creation and support.

Planning and Design

Our team of database professionals provides initial database design, conceptual data modeling and physical data modeling. Commercial and customized tools are both utilized to achieve the best solution for your required industry /area of application.