GeoResearch Solutions: GeoSoftwareCombining IT and geographical experience, Intetics applies its wide expertise in software development to build web-based, desktop and mobile applications to fulfill customer needs.


Web GIS and web mapping services are extremely popular tools to provide, visualize and analyze data online. Our specialists can produce an application framework for geodata capturing, storing, maintaining and sharing through web interfaces to build your GIS online.


Often off the shelf solutions do not satisfy business requirements and processes completely. Intetics develops innovative, robust and easy-to-use geospatial software and IT solutions, even those that are highly complex to develop.

We can also customize world-leading GIS software to meet any customer’s requirements.


Mobile GIS technology helps organizations make real-time decisions and collaborate with both field and office staff. Web mapping applications and wireless technology give field office’s immediate access to up-to-date information. Mobile GIS  provides better operational efficiency and situational awareness.