Spatial Analysis


Intetics provides the full spectrum of spatial analysis and associated modeling techniques within available geographic information systems and associated software.

We are able to identify customer needs and propose the most appropriate way to satisfy them. Based upon the output and results required by your business for decision-making, we can employ a wide range of ready-to-use and state-of-the-art technologies, frameworks and patterns or develop custom models to best fit your data.
 GeoResearch Solutions: Spatial Analysis
We offer a full range of spatial analysis techniques from basic geometric operation to obtaining new data to using more sophisticated network and location analysis and quantitative analysis/spatial statistics to facilitate determining spatial relationships between real life objects. Our team can research data variability, examine its trends and perform multivariate analysis to create statistical models and produce forecasts for decision-making.

Network and location analysis

With network-based analysis, Intetics can model networks taking into account realistic conditions, calculate routes, locate the closest facilities, provide optimal locations for facilities and determine service areas.

Surface and field analysis

Intetics has deep experience in surface modeling (vector and raster-based), and applies advanced interpolation methods to precisely estimate the value of property in any point. We provide different kinds of surface and field analysis such as contouring, visibility analysis, drainage modeling and the construction of stream networks.


Intetics offers its dynamic process modeling services within GIS to help our customers keep pace with real-world changes over time.

Our team has vast experience in thematic modeling services for:

  • Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Environmental Management
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Water Resources
  • Transportation
  • Utilities