"Innovation is in their DNA!"

Gambling Solutions

The new system performed incredibly well under pressure (5 million satisfied users in one day!) Our CIO made a special point of congratulating the whole team on the high quality and reliability of the project results.


The team from Intetics delivered a very high quality of work (thoughtful optimization without unnecessary development of custom components). One of our engineers was so impressed with the results, that he was interested in using a similar setup in his future work.

GIS Call Center

I am very grateful for all your cooperation and understanding as well as all your hard work this year. I am looking forward to the new adventures that will come our way.

Gambling Solutions

The custom application we received is an absolute godsend! It was great for customers and staff also!


We would like to thank our Intetics development team for work very well done, for the persistence for finding simple scalable solutions, and for the patience when exploring and challenging business requirements. Often what counts most in this job is giving a damn. And Intetics engineers clearly do.

Neil Dobson, Managing Director, Silicon Systems, UK

Even without being asked, the Intetics team comes up with innovative ideas to improve quality, productivity, delivery time scales and the actual software product. China, India and other countries might get the job done and on budget. But, that’s it. Do they have the mindset to be able to innovate, even when asked? We feel that the Intetics team see things through our eyes and are constantly pushing to improve the work they do for us. It’s like innovation is in their DNA.

Solomon Weber , President and CEO, All-Ways Forwarding International Inc., USA

Working with Intetics was a good experience. Their team is: responsive, knowledgeable, and gracious. They use the latest Microsoft technologies and are familiar with open source as well.

Neil Dobson, Managing Director, Silicon Systems, UK

The compelling factor overall is that Intetics have neatly dealt with all factors around developing a software solution such as personnel and HR issues, office and resource management. What does this do? It enables us to focus on what we want to focus on which is the creative and technical issues around developing Flowmation into the product we want to make. Our main goal is to work with our clients to understand their needs so that we can translate this into great software and we can now do this without the distraction of having an in-house team. It has been about as seamless as I could have dared hope and I really do commend Intetics on providing such an excellent managed service.

Brian Boroff, Managing Director, CInergy International UK Limited, UK

CInergy International has worked with Intetics since 2005, having selected the company primarily because of the its advanced software development capabilities. As a leading provider of very fast-moving competitor intelligence services to the tech sector, CInergy has to rely on its suppliers to provide services that are of consistently high quality and delivered on time. The members of our dedicated team at Intetics work closely with our organisation focusing hard on building a sound understanding of our business. Our partnership has enabled us to consistently deliver world class systems to CInergy clients.

Marcella Ortega, CEO, SupplementSpot Nutrients, USA

I’ve used Intetics for years, and they have always exceeded my expectations. Great creative designers and responsive to every request, and their rates are more than reasonable. They understand our concept from the beginning, and run with the project to completion. They stay right on target with the dates promised and are always receptive to feedback and changes. It is a dedication. I give them a Five Star recommendation.

Matthias Kretschmer, Owner, Desk-Net GmbH, Germany

I would like to recommend Intetics as an excellent outsourcing software development supplier. In September 2006, we were looking for offshore capabilities for development of one of our software products. After considering offers from other providers, we decided to start a partnership with the Intetics team. They proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all relevant aspects. We still use an Intetics team to support our product and continuously enhance its functionality and are very happy with the quality of the services provided.

Matthias Spiess, CTO, Spreadshirt GmbH, Germany

Intetics is an excellent outsourcing company. Their development process is well established and the quality of their work is consistently high. They know how to listen to their customers and to stand behind their work, and their rates are reasonable. I highly recommend them.

Shrage Smilowitz, President, Microdivision, USA

We have been working with Intetics as our outsourcing partner for more than six years already. And I am more than happy to acknowledge the outstanding work they have been doing for us during all this time. I want to specifically compliment their communication policy. During all these years I have one contact person working for me with Intetics and all issues are solved very quickly. I would give five star recommendation for their development processes and management policies.

Robert Steven Pozos, Ph.D. Professor of Biology, Thomson Delmar Learning, USA

Intetics designed and tested a very demanding program in record
time and with a reasonable budget. The system has worked well and Intetics has made adjustments that I requested to make the program better. The personnel have gone above and beyond the call of duty: implementing demanding tasks into our program, while at the same time providing incredible customer service. Both their service and products are outstanding. They stand behind their products to make sure that they met my needs. They have worked tirelessly, providing careful attention to maintain the flexible dynamic of our growing project and facilitating clear communication by all parties involved. We are currently on our second project together and looking forward to future endeavors with Intetics.

Matt Studholme, Managing Director, IMPAQ Co., UK

For the past two and half years we have worked with Intetics. They have become an important and dependable part of our development and delivery team. We value the excellent relationship we have that has produced great results. The Intetics team is staffed with highly professional team members who have excellent design skills aligned with very reliable project management disciplines.

Doug Grimsted, CEO, Thomson Delmar Learning, USA

From our very first project with Intetics, we knew we had found the partner that we could work with to satisfy our Clients. And grow our company. Our Clients are amazed at the quality and timeliness of the work that our Intetics team has been able to deliver. Not just once or twice, but always. I frequently recommend Intetics to my friends (never to my competitors!) They are a highly capable, mature and trustworthy software development partner that my Partners and I feel we can build our business with. Intetics is simply the best offshore outsourcing partner I have ever worked with.

Michael Brehm, Co-founder and Managing Director, StudiVZ Ltd, Germany

Intetics is one of the best outsourcing companies I have worked with. They know what they are doing and are highly professional. They listen to their Clients and stay behind their work. The quality of their service is consistently high. Development process is well established. It is a pleasure to recommend them to other companies interested in outsourcing their software needs.

Alla Liokumovich, IT Manager, Baer Supply Company, USA

Outstanding development team! Great discipline, organizational skills, quality and service! Intetics was able to address all our concerns and provide a quality solution in the timely manner. We were a little bit skeptical about the whole offshore outsourcing deal but Intetics were able to change such our perception and made the whole idea very attractive. I would definitely use Intetics for future projects and recommend it to anybody else in the world.

Jay S. Hemmady, Chief Information Officer, UTi Transport Solutions, USA

We were impressed with Intetics’ lightening fast turnaround on our requests. For example we would send them a list of things to do late evening and find it all completed the following morning. Being able to leverage the difference in time zones has been one of the most valuable and positive aspect of our engagement.
When we needed to have an interactive dialog we found ourselves having to get disciplined since our early mornings corresponded to their late evenings. This was not a problem because Intetics would often stay late into their evenings to accommodate our schedule.

Gene Linetsky, VP Engineering, Zone Labs, a Check Point company, USA

Intetics is one of the best outsourcing companies I know. They know what they are doing, are highly professional, listen to their customers, stand behind their work and are not too expensive. The quality of work is consistently high and development processes are well established. I highly recommend them.



Intetics has worked with a wide variety of clients worldwide including such market leaders as: Snap-on, Check Point, S&C Electric, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Cengage Learning (former Thomson Delmar Learning), Würth Group, Saba Software, Spreadshirt, StudiVZ, and Burda Digital. Intetics is also a second-tier provider for IKEA, Kraft, Kmart, Office Depot, Vodafone, and T-Mobile.

We are happy to provide you with the names and contact information of our Clients. Please contact us for more details.