BPO & Back Office Services

Intetics can handle all of your back-office operations for you, allowing you to concentrate on your core business and on maintaining your company’s competitive edge. Our team of experts can set up a remote IT department to manage your data processing/BPO needs. Intetics creates fully operational remote IT departments for organizations, complete with infrastructure, expert resources and administrative support services – all at a fixed monthly budget – at our secure, ISO-certified European Development Centers. Why make costly investments and risk the legal hassles of setting up and managing your own IT department? Intetics has already extended the IT capacities of over 200 firms worldwide, helping them successfully solve their business challenges with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Our Data Processing/BPO solutions are scalable and easily adapted to the level of service required. Tailored to achieve your strategic goals, they will save you precious time and substantially reduce your operating expenditures by 20% or more! At Intetics, we combine world-leading technologies, highly qualified staff and deep domain expertise to streamline your processes -- all while you to retain full internal control.

Check Out Our BPO Services:

Data Processing

We organize your data to make it machine-readable, accurate and useful. Capturing and processing your data can be done via numerous input sources such as printed documents, images, emails, web forms, etc., and digitized in various formats.

Data Analysis, Compilation and Parsing

We provide smart and highly accurate data analysis through data cleaning, multivariate analysis, data mining, statistical testing, comparisons and exceptions-testing, business intelligence and data visualizations.

KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Intetics applies its deep technology and business processes knowledge across multiple industry verticals, including IT/Engineering, Security, Publishing, Finance, Education and E-learning.

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Intetics’ RPO service optimizes the efficiency of your recruiting, saving you considerable time and costs by leveraging our proven tools and strategies.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

The regulatory compliance solutions offered by Intetics allow you to satisfy the data protection requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, IAS 39, FASB 133, FASB 157, etc.


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