CAD Your Way by Design

Intetics’ Remote In-Sourcing® is ideal for companies seeking the high-level in-house CAD design capabilities and services of a big firm, without the expense and overhead of hiring their own team. Let Intetics provide a highly-skilled team of outsourced CAD experts to seamlessly function like your own in-house CAD staff. Our experienced, reliable and responsive team will deliver innovative, high quality CAD design work at very competitive rates. Avoid the headaches of adding head count – outsource to the trusted, proven CAD experts at Intetics.

When you work with Intetics, you get your team. There are no complex SLA’s, surprises or constant scope of work changes. Our staff is just like having your own CAD team. In fact, they’re trained, evaluated, rewarded and promoted exactly like your own employees. We even handle all of your team’s support so you don’t have to worry about hiring, management or administration.

CAD Your Way by DesignThrough Remote In-Sourcing®, your CAD team is distinctive in that it will:

  •  Give You Access to World Class CAD Talent – Your Intetics CAD team isn’t a group of generalists with limited CAD experience that bounce around from team to team.  We hire real professionals with the experience to meet your precise specifications, and then dedicate this cohesive unit solely to serve you from our ISO-certified European Development Centers.  This remote, dedicated team fully understands your specific deployment of CAD.  Whether it is GIS, sustainable design, process simulation, or digital prototyping, your Intetics team has all the talent and experience required to meet your business needs.
  • Provide Understanding of CAD Integration in Workflow – CAD often involves more than just shapes.  That’s why your Intetics CAD team understands the math, data management, workflow – and your actual drawing – to dig deep into the engineering process behind the designs.  They easily work with application-specific conventions too, so the work delivered meets your original specifications every time.  And because your Intetics team understands workflow – such as ERP and PLM, and we are experts in software development – we can increase CAD’s impact through tighter integration.
  • Deliver a Cost-Effective, High Quality Model – Our Remote In-Sourcing® model provides you with your own fully staffed and provisioned, dedicated IT department, replete with infrastructure, expert resources and administrative services – all at a fixed monthly budget that’s highly competitive with outsourcing from other parts of the world.  For our teams, we use a blended accelerated training approach, provide incentives and professional development, and adhere to ISO 9000 and ISO 27001 quality assurance practices.  The result is an extremely effective, consistent and high quality CAD team that fits in seamlessly with your company.

Using Remote In-Sourcing®, Intetics can design a customized team to meet your most challenging CAD demands. Look to us to help with your next CAD project, and let Intetics prove that we deliver the best outsourced CAD solutions in the industry.


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