Consulting Services

One solution does not fit all. Intetics is proud to be able to best sync with your specific needs and develop strategic workforce models that optimize your recruiting investment and meet your talent management needs. Having 17 years of successful relationships with over 200 client companies we believe we can claim ourselves an experts in providing solutions that serve our clients best!
On-site model

Intetics’ team of consultants, project managers, architects and software developers, assembled according to the client’s specific requirements; work on-site in close cooperation with you. They are available for the entire project life cycle, from initial information gathering to implementation, maintenance and support. Through continuous interaction with our on-site team, the client maintains an informed, firsthand awareness of the project’s progress. Intetics’ employees serve as an extension of your existing staff, with only difference of not having any overhead expenses.

Blended Model

While Intetics’ developers are located in one of our secure offshore development centers, one or more team members may work at the client’s site. Our on-site staff is responsible for gathering important information about the project, analyzing requirements and creating specifications, planning and initial design, and interacting directly with the client to accommodate any changes. The offshore team follows the instructions of the on-site manager, and is responsible for the progress of the entire project. Through this arrangement the client enjoys all the benefits of offshore software development, but with less overhead required for communication and project coordination. Offshore team is fully dedicated solely to you as well, and serves as an extension of your current staff, with only differences of not having overhead expenses and not being at the same location.

IT Staffing Model

IT Staffing Model includes two options – Staff Augmentation and Staff Placement. In the former case Intetics provides the best resources to temporary augment technical talents per client specifications; in the case of the latter we will find a permanent solution to client’s staffing needs.

  • Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project in respond to business objectives in the work process. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff, determining which additional skills are required, and bringing on-board missing qualified resources.
  • Staff Placement is an HR outsourcing strategy offered by recruiting agencies to quickly find qualified candidates to fill open permanent positions within the company. With so many candidate resources such as career web-sites, job fairs, advertisements, personal referrals and more – finding qualified talent can be a complicated and time-consuming process and this is where Intetics comes as a best solution for you – leveraging all the sources in one and presenting you with best options.

Serving our clients for the past 17 years Intetics is convinced that Blended model is a solution that serves the majority of the clients best as it provides all the benefits of having offshore dedicated team with first hand on-site liaisons that serve as an extension of the current employees you already have.


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